Photo Gallery   

Here are some of our previous puppies we have sold.

From: Erick Leckie Weight for 3lbs fullgrown Here is Cooper we bought from you, he is doing great, best dog ever, thanks so much for the breeders that you are. He has brought so much joy to this family   Ceasar first swim..from ma Victoria thanks for updating a picture
Ms.victoria howard and her male puppy she bought lastyear Ceasar Okay :) sounds good. Thank you so much! I love them both to the moon and back!
    alexa female
She is so precious thank you to Ms.Jeannetta M. In texas   Hi Mr and Mrs Trotter, This is Marissa from Texas, I bought the little honey colored female from y'all that no one had wanted since they didn't think she was that small. I wanted to send y'all a picture of her now So you know how she is and what she look
My client comment about his puppy parker: I just wanted to send you a picture and let you know he is doing great! He is a sweet and playful little dog and very well behaved! He has definitely melted my heart thank you all so much! Sincerely, Kaitlin Pars   Thank you so much to Mr&Mrs Folk in Mckinney tx..for loving and caring to our puppy shes have a good new home..! Wondelfull his 1lb and 8 ozen.